WB-4: Well barrier principles and drawing application


Give the participants an understanding of the fundamental principles and thereafter to prepare well barrier schematics and produce these in a consistent manner. Following the course the participant shall be able to create well barrier schematics from a template or from scratch by use of the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool and make this truly well specific.

Brief description of the course

The course gives the participants a fundamental insight into how to draw and establish appropriate well barrier envelopes for common well activity situations.  In order to correctly make well barrier illustrations it is important that the user has acquired a fundamental understanding of how to define and implement well barrier, both for primary and secondary well barrier definition. The principles are based on the independent two barrier philosophy as stated in Norsok D-010 rev. 4, but will also be applicable to users who do not necessarily subscribe to the Norsok principles.


Personnel directly responsible and or involved in well Integrity should have the recommended training:

  1. Drilling/completion/intervention engineers.
  2. Drilling supervisor and drilling superintendent.
  3. Personnel responsible for verification of well barrier schematics.


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