WB-2: Well integrity in the well life cycle for drilling and well engineers


Give the participants an understanding of details when establishing well integrity measures. Following the course the participant shall be able to define and prepare the necessary barrier elements and envelopes.

Brief description of the course

The course gives a more in depth introduction to well integrity fundamentals and the parameters and equipment involved in setting up appropriate well integrity arrangements in the design of the well as well as taking into consideration particular features and need for drilling, completion production and P&A. The course is compliant with day 1 of the Well Integrity fundamentals as described in section 4 in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association Recommended Guideline for well integrity (recommendation 117),  rev. 4.


Personnel directly responsible and or involved in well integrity should have the recommended training:

  1. Drilling/completion/intervention engineers (including drilling supervisor and drilling superintendent).
  2. Rig contractors like drillers and tool pushers.
  3. Service-company engineers and operators with delegated responsibilities in well integrity.

It is recommended that management responsible for well integrity should be trained.


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