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Our main focus is to support our customers with knowledge related to well barrier integrity. We can help our customers to get a smooth implementation of Wellbarrier Illustration Tool, give advice of how to standardize the processes of defining the well barriers, and help setting up the company well library.
When a second opinion is needed, we can review the library to see if there is a need for any improvements.

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Building company library

We can assist you with creating a comprehensive and actual well barrier library adjusted to your company’s requirements and only accessible for your representatives. This allow you to have your entire well portfolio available in a consistently presented manner. The availability of such library will ease the planning work for future well activities since well schematics can be used as reference and adjusted for new wells. Furthermore, intervention equipment can then be easily added to the illustration to give a correct representation of the well barriers for the specific job to be done.

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Quality review of customer library

The purpose of the review is to ensure high quality of the WBS (Well Barrier Schematics) with respect to well integrity. We focus on good practice for definition and illustration of well barriers. We also evaluate the information contained in the fields of qualification and monitoring to ensure valid information and consistency. By evaluating a selection of Well Barrier Schematics, we provide recommendations on areas to improve.

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Best Practice
User Guide

We can create guidelines for you on how to create Well Barrier Schematics in your company. This can be done both for clients using our Wellbarrier Illustration Tool and others. This will often serve as part of the company's internal management system and establish firm guidelines on how to prepare this in a consistent manner, through use of illustration principles, well folder structure, naming convention etc.

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Well specific

If you have a well integrity issue with your well, we can assist you with evaluation of the defined well barrier solution in view of regulatory requirements and compliance with the two barrier principle. We can also include a qualitative risk assessment of potential leak paths, assessment of material selection, qualification and monitoring of the well barriers.

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Evaluation of new technology

If you plan to develop or use new technology in a well, we can analyze your concept and advice you what effect this may have of the definition of well barriers, their qualification and monitoring requirements as defined by the NORSOK D-010 rev. 3 standard. Our confidential report includes a gap analysis with regulatory requirements (Norway) with recommendations of matters to be implemented and observations for consideration.

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We are always available for enquiries regarding well barrier integrity, training and technology.