Wellbarrier® Illustration Tool

We help the oil and gas industry visualize, communicate and document their wells, to reduce risk.

Wellbarrier Illustration Tool is a cloud-based solution that helps engineers visualize, communicate and document their wells.

Time efficiency
Prepare well barrier integrity information in a quick and easy manner.

Provide standardised presentation of graphics and language.

Ensure it’s verified by using the electronic verification function.

Save all your work in one easy accessible company library.

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Well overview
Well Barrier Schematics (WBS)

Well Barrier Schematic (WBS) is the backbone of the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool. The WBS form visualizes the well with all its well barrier elements in a clear and consistent manner.

It ensures that all the well barrier elements are listed with information on how they are qualified and monitored. The Wellbarrier Illustration Tool shows the status of both well barrier elements and the overall well status for production and plug and abandonment (P&A) activities.

This one-page overview gives important information to demonstrate how the well is protected, should an uncertain situation occur.

The WBS can be made for a complete range of activities throughout the lifecycle of the well. All information registered for a selected well is accessed from a well overview page.

Well overview

Well overview

The work you have created is organized in a logical library.
When selecting a well it shows the current well barrier illustration and status of the well. From here you have access to all stored data and other illustrations that is produced for this well.

Well schematic

Well Schematic

The Well Schematic is based on the barrier illustration. Reservoir and barrier coloring are removed and the illustration is shaped to the desired curvature in a quick and effective manner together with appropriate automatic annotation.

Well barrier pressure plot

Well Barrier Pressure Plot

An alignment of the well barrier illustration and the pore and fracture pressure curves will give you a quick and effective view of the formation strength at critical points in the well. You can easily see how any pressure origination from the reservoir or from the surface will affect components or the overburden formation in the well.

Well control action plan

Well Control Action form

The Well Control Action form has an easy to use flow diagram editor. You can map how critical well incidents are proposed to be handled. This is a useful attachment to include in i.e. coiled tubing operations and likewise where the equipment in use is not necessarily well known to the rig.

Sequence Diagram

The Sequence Diagram is a representation of a chosen selection or all the well barrier illustration you have prepared for the well. This can be output on A4, A3 or large size plotter paper and be made available in meeting rooms or places where the stakeholders have access and can see the planned progress of the well activity.

Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment form uses the well barrier illustrations and the defined elements. Using barrier elements removes the subjective approach and establishes a firm reference is easy to agree on. Mitigating actions are suggested for the yellow and red risks.

Wellbarrier® Illustration Tool is used in all phases of the well from planning to plug and abandonment. The well barrier definitions changes throughout the lifecycle of the well, but is always part of the ongoing work.

Great product which really helps show the barriers during each stage of the operations.

– Wellbarrier customer