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Become an expert in the field, learn from our wealth of experience.

Learn from 30 years of experience.

Our courses are developed by our founder, and are based on more than 30 years of experience in the field. Our courses will help you to:

  • Become educated in the NORSOK D-010 standard from a co-author of the rev. 3 and rev. 4.
  • Become proficient in defining well barrier definitions.
  • Learn how to exploit Wellbarrier Illustration Tool.

Our TRAINING courses

Wellbarrier training courses are intended for users who need to know well integrity fundamentals and to be proficient in using Wellbarrier Illustration Tool. All courses are conducted as classroom training where we combine theory with practical problem solving.

WB 1 – Norsok D-010 Terminology and principles
(1 day)

Introduction to the Norsok D-010 standard; structure, principles and how to find useful information.

See WB-1 course details

WB 2 – Well integrity in the well life cycle for drilling and well engineers  (1 day)

This course addresses fundamental principles and how these are applied in the life cycle of the well. Emphasis is placed on details in design, installation, operation, intervention and P&A of the wells.

See WB-2 course details

WB 3 – Norsok D-010 Well integrity fundamentals for production personnels
(1 day)

Introduction to the two well barrier philosophy using Norsok D-010 as a basis, with emphasis on understanding of the well architecture below the wellhead, as well as the significance of monitoring and operation of the well.

See WB-3 course details

WB 4 – Well barrier principles and making well barrier schematics (1 day)

Introduction to the two barrier philosophy using Norsok D-010 as a basis, with emphasis on making Well Barrier Schematics in a consistent manner. The course is offered with use of the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool or using generic drawing tools.

See WB-4 course details

WB 5 – Well integrity - Advanced definition of well barriers (1 day)

This course goes into more details on particular issues and more challenging barrier definition scenarios. Requires that the participants has fundamental understanding of well barrier definitions.​

See WB-5 course details

Customer customized classes

All our courses can be customized for different working groups, and theme from the various courses can be combined as needed.
We recommend max 12 persons per course.

Additional information and booking

The courses are normally held internally at customers location.
Contact us for more information and booking.

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Learn from our experience

Trainer: Tore Fjågesund

The courses are prepared in house by the team at Wellbarrier led by Tore Fjågesund. Tore has 35 years of experience in the oil industry, and worked with well integrity and well barrier issues since the late 1990s. Over a period of 10 years, Tore has had a key role in setting up management systems for drilling and well activities in companies such at Norsk Hydro, Statoil and Lundin.​

Tore is also co-author of the Norsok D-010 standard rev. 3 and rev. 4 and was the lead author of section 4 – “General Principles” of the last version of the standard. This background has set a solid foundation for preparation of the courses.